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Postcare for High Frequency

& Galvanic Treatments

  • Use an SPF on your face to protect it after any advanced facial.

  • Drink plenty of water. This is to help flush out the toxins from your body now that your lymphatic drainage system has been boosted by your treatment.

  • Don’t have any other facial treatments for 24-48 hours to allow your skin to recover from the treatment and reap all the benefits.

  • Avoid make-up for 24 hours to allow your skin to breath and to support the skin-cleansing effect of the treatment.

  • Avoid touching the skin to prevent bacteria or germs from your fingers getting onto your skin.

  • Avoid sun beds and UV rays.

  • Avoid extremes of temperatures- wind, effects of central heating as this can have a dehydrating or damaging effect on the skin and your skin may be more vulnerable straight after an electrical treatment.

  • Avoid heat treatments such as sauna etc for 24-48 hours after treatment.

Postcare for Microdermabrasion Treatments


  • Do not exfoliate

  • Do not sunbathe or use a sunbed Apply a minimum of SPF 15


  • Apply as much moisturiser as your skin needs

  • Avoid touching the area with unwashed hands

  • Do not use heat treatments

  • Do not swim or exercise

  • Do not use perfumed products

  • Do not use makeup

If the skin feels hot, splash with cold water, pat dry and moisturise regularly.

During the course of treatments avoid products with Retinol, Vitamin A derivatives, Enzymes, AHA’s BHA’s and Acids (Tactic, Salicylic, Glycolic).

Pre & Postcare:

Dermaplaning/Million Dollar Facial

Pre Treatment Instructions

Please let your skincare specialist know if you are on any medication (topical and/ or oral, have any medical conditions, or are being treated by a physician for any conditions.

Let your skincare specialist know if you have been diagnosed with cold sores or Herpes simplex or if you keloid scar. 

  • No shaving, laser treatment, peels, waxing, or aggressive exfoliations one week prior to treatments.

  • You should wait 14 days after receiving anti wrinkle injections /dermal fillers to receive treatments.

  • You should wait 2 to 4 weeks after receiving a chemical peel treatment to receive treatment. (Depending on peel strength) please see peel provider.

  • You should wait 2 to 4 weeks after microdermabrasion to receive treatment (please see microdermabrasion provider)

The Procedure

There is no pain or discomfort during the Dermaplaning procedure. It is best to relax and allow the skincare specialist to move and manipulate your head and face. Skin needling should not be painful however you may find it slightly uncomfortable depending on pain threshold.

Try to remain still. There is no gum chewing allowed during the treatment and talking will be restricted by your skincare specialist at certain key times during the treatment.

Post Treatment Instructions

  • Fast recovery time, following treatment, you may immediately return to your normal activities.

  • Use a gentle cleanser and apply moisturiser at least twice daily for a minimum of 7 days post treatment

  • Avoid excessive heat treatments eg sauna steam rooms for a minimum of 3 days post treatment. Please keep out of the sun /sunbeds for 2 weeks post treatment. If you must be in the sun, apply spf 50 or greater, reapply often, wear a hat, and seek shade when possible. Fitzpatrick 4 to 6 is prone to pigmentation and exposure to rays can be elevated in all skin types .it is essential to wear spf factor 50 following this treatment as part of your homecare. Without doing so can result in pigmentation.

  • Avoid facial waxing for 7 days.

  • Avoid retinol and retinoids from 3 to 7 days depending on strength (see manufacturer)

  • Avoid makeup for 24 to 48 hours

  • Avoid touching your face directly after treatment.

  • No scrubs, peels, or aggressive brushes for 7 days.

  • Do apply serums as absorption levels will be elevated.

  • Be sparing with self-tan, remember absorption levels are elevated.

  • You may experience a slight windburn sensation post treatment and skincare products may tingle slightly, this is normal for the first few days.

For best results, treatments are recommended every 4-6 weeks.

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